Our Story

Sometime in 2005, fate (with a little help from Rutgers University housing) placed us on the same floor of a freshman dorm. We became friends on that very first day of freshman year, and remained close throughout our healthcare graduate school careers, weddings, and the births of our first children. We lived in the same town, thriving as occupational and physical therapists and giving back to our communities to assist our patients in their recovery processes. 

However, when the global pandemic happened, our careers took a detour due to personal circumstances. Loss of available childcare and the anxiety surrounding our own pregnancies and postpartum experiences inspired us to become the change for other women in similar situations. 
We became jaded by the postpartum experience, realizing how lonely, frightening and tiring it can be without the proper support and resources. We talked about it constantly, commenting on what would have made it easier and what we learned from experiencing pregnancy and postpartum a second time. 
We talked about the cuddles and extra time we got to spend with our new babies, but also the struggles of parenting and completely losing our identity and sense of self during the pandemic. We helped welcome the new moms into motherhood, as they were feeling alone and frightened too.  We made friends, through DMs and Messenger, who would give birth the weeks and days before and after us, to share our experiences and become life lines for each other. That's when the early foundations for momcrated were placed. 

From there it grew to be what it is today; a collection of products, along with blog posts and curated content on social media, geared towards moms and their feelings and experiences surrounding pregnancy and motherhood. We hope that our products and content bring joy, ease the tension, and connect women with other like-minded individuals. We hope to spread awareness, create change, and bring happiness to all pregnant women and postpartum mothers. 

Our story

Mom who struggled with infertility and went through IVF to get pregnant. Created momcrated a gift and subscription box service

Roopali is a mom of 2 and a licensed occupational therapist, with healthcare staffing and advertising experience. She conceived her first child through IVF. During the pandemic, she unexpectedly became a stay-at-home-mom in the city, navigating the struggles of raising her firstborn while pregnant. She is passionate about helping women following her own struggles with postpartum depression. Fun fact: She was 1st runner up in the Miss NJ pageant. 

Nina is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with managerial experience, a healthcare staffing professional, and a fellow at a healthcare tech company. She is a mother of 2 who had traumatic birth experiences in the NICU and with childbirth during the height of the pandemic. She hopes that sharing her story with postpartum anxiety will allow other mothers the opportunities to voice their concerns and heal. Fun fact: Nina was her high school mascot.

Creator of momcrated a mom box gift and subscription service.  Mother of 2 babies NICU mom and pandemic baby mom.  Had a traumatic birth experience